Lifespan Integration

Lifespan Integration is a gentle, therapeutic method of therapy that helps an individual heal from past traumas and helps them build a strong self-structure. It uses repetitions of a timeline of the individual’s life to help integrate difficult memories and emotions and allows the individual to feel more comfortable in their present life even when recalling past difficulties.

This therapy relies on the premise that a person’s mind and body are looking for ways to find balance and safety for the individual. Unfortunately, there are times that both the mind and body can get stuck in old ways of protecting and functioning. A Lifespan Integration counselor can help get a person “unstuck” and move forward in a more adaptive way of thinking and living.

After Lifespan Integration therapy, an individual may find that they respond to stressors in a more age-appropriate manner, may see past situations from a healthier perspective, and may be more accepting of the life they have and enjoy more fulfilling relationships with others.